Till A. von Reumont

Production Sound Mixer and Boom Operator in Cologne, Germany (VDT, bvft)

Till - 1

I started working for the sound department for film and TV in 2003. As a production sound mixer and boom operator my job is to record the sound on set, dialogues and everything else. For more than five years I worked as the location sound mixer for a major daily drama on German TV: “Unter Uns”. In students’ projects, commercial advertising and smaller low-budget works I record original location sound and/or operate the microphone boom too. For some projects I did sound design and mixing in post production.

A Workshop on sound on film sets that I hold once in a while at SAE Institute Cologne, gives some insights into the theoretical and practical aspects of the professions of sound people on movie and film sets. Tune in to “Alles, was zählt” on RTL, “Verbotene Liebe” and “Lindenstraße” on ARD or to “Die Anrheiner” on WDR to see other shows I have worked for. Find more info on my professional life and references here. I speak English fluently (level C2), but since I am German, these pages are also available in German. Diese Seiten gibt es auch auf Deutsch!

Call me now – I am looking forward to working for you! 0178-392 5214